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Welcome to Susan Maynard’s Interior Design...

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There is nothing more pleasing and nothing more invigorating than walking  into a home where you love to be. I think everyone can provide this for  themselves with a little help from an organized and experienced interior decorator.

I love color and light,  comfort and warmth, elegance and ease. These are the things I look for  when I design for you. I’m happy you are here. Be sure and visit the  other pages. They are full of information to help you with interior  design.

My Goal:

I want you to be delighted every time you walk into your new room and know it’s just the way you wanted it to be.

Designing a stunningly beautiful room is easy  when you have a generous budget. Its far more challenging to design a  room or a house on a limited budget, but it can be done.

                    Susan Maynard

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